Fiona Pepe was born in Seattle, WA. At a young age she discovered a deep love for dance and the performing arts.  While a love of the stage was ingrained in her at at an early age, Fiona was fortunate enough to find her place among the costumes, lights, and sold-out audiences as a young adult as well.  After 16 years of dance training and performing Fiona became a key member of the Seattle dance circuit, and a well-known stage performer.  As a full-time performer, Fiona met a colorful family of dance, theater, and circus talent.  Her unique personal style and character naturally transformed into her role as a wardrobe stylist in the city.  With a clear and exciting vision in her head Fiona found herself behind the lens with a mission to bring her theatrical visions to life from start to finish.  She began to capture her world, her friends, fellow performers, and others with her camera, and in doing so brought a new, refreshing energy to the Seattle fashion scene. 

Quickly recognized for her fun, innovative style Fiona became sought after for many creative projects.  From musicians and vintage boutiques to local magazines and burlesque troupes, Fiona became a favored stylist and photographer for striking, unique imagery.  As a jack-of-all-trades, Fiona often styles, does makeup/hair, and shoots for her clients.  She has also become a main photographer for the top modeling agencies in the city, Heffner Model Management, TCM, and Seattle Models Guild.  Fiona loves working with new models to develop high quality portfolios that will launch them into successful careers, and takes pride in providing an exciting and nurturing experience for their first time in front of the lens.

Fiona develops true relationships with her clients, and approaches every project with dedication, energy, and utmost professionalism to create beautiful high quality imagery.

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